Abuse and Apathy

Since 2010, Santa Barbara County residents pleaded with the Board of Supervisors to intervene in exploitation and abuse by conservators. 

Wealthy elders and dependent adults are forced into conservatorship with no due process.  In some cases, the person under conservatorship is denied the right to attend the conservatorship hearing or speak to the court.  In some cases, court proceedings are concealed from family.

Conservators remove victims from their homes, isolate them from family, and plunder their estates.  Any opposition is met with increasingly punitive charges to the conservatees’ estates.  Family members who advocate for their abused loved ones routinely find themselves falsely accused of crimes.

After seven years of families pleading for help, the Board of Supervisors has yet to intervene in the predation.  Abuse is now more prevalent and more blatant.  Advocates ask how many more families will suffer while the Supervisors fail to protect their constituents.