Alleged Abuse of Dependent Adult Ryan Morris: Part 2

Judge Sunshine Sykes:  I’m not qualified to make a decision…

On January 18, 2019, Orange County Register continued their investigative series on the Conservatorship of Ryan Morris.  Teri Sforza reported on a psychologist’s report recommending Ryan be removed from the allegedly abusive home where he is isolated from contact with his family.  Ryan may also be a victim of sexual abuse perpetrated by his conservator, Sean Spicer.

Alleged Abuse of Dependent Adult Ryan Morris:  Part 1

Ignored by Riverside County Sheriff & Civil Court

Ryan Morris (age 24) is under conservatorship of and married to a 42-year old man, Sean Spicer.  Ryan’s intellectual disabilities limit him the mental capacity of a kindergartener.  A psychologist determined that Ryan cannot understand complex concepts such as marriage or consent for sexual activity.

Since 2015, Spicer isolated Ryan from his biological family, including Ryan’s twin brother Ronald.  Visitors to the mobile home encounter chain link and a locked gate.  Retired Deputy District Attorney Paul Greenwood often says “isolation is the number one indicator of physical or financial abuse.”