“Civil Death” of Martin Bui: Part 2

Conservatorship Allegedly Leads to Years of Unlawful Isolation & Mental Suffering,

Los Angeles District Attorney Says Isolation is a Civil Matter

In 2005 professional conservator Frumeh Labow made a disturbing statement to the Times.

"I can decide who they see. I can put them in a nursing home," said Labow. "It's the biggest imposition on your civil liberties short of being imprisoned."

California’s legislature continued passing laws to curb predatory conservators exploiting and isolating their conservatees.  Lack of enforcement rendered those laws largely irrelevant.

Court records and letters establish that Labow violated court orders in moving conservatee Martin Bui from his family home.  Records establish that Labow forcibly isolated Martin since June 2015.  Law enforcement took no action to protect Martin from crimes perpetrated by Labow or her agents.  District Attorney Jackie Lacey stated that she considered such forms of abuse to be civil matters.

“Civil Death” of Martin Bui: Part 1

Conservatorship Leads to Alleged Kidnapping & False Imprisonment

In 2005, Los Angeles Times published an investigative series on predatory and abusive private fiduciaries acting as professional conservators.  The Times called Frumeh Labow the queen bee of Los Angeles County Probate Court.

In June 2015, Labow allegedly kidnapped Martin from his home, imprisoned Martin, isolated him from family, and allowed untrained caregivers to neglect and physically abuse Martin.   When family objected, Labow retaliated with escalating restrictions and charges to Martin’s estate.