Oakland Police Department Ignores Conservator’s Crimes

In 2012, Kennett Taylor reported crimes perpetrated against his wife, Elinor Frerichs.  (Conservatorship of Elinor Frerichs, Case Number RP12615698).  Oakland Police Department gave the standard response. 

That’s a civil matter.  You’ll have to get an attorney.

In 2014, human rights advocates reported that Elinor was imprisoned and isolated since 2012.  Advocates reported that Licensed Professional Fiduciary (professional conservator) Scott Phipps used Elinor’s own assets to perpetrate abuse.  Oakland Police Department’s Officer Vierra refused to take a report.

"Civil Death" of Elinor Frerichs

On September 12, 2014, Judge Sandra Bean stripped Elinor Frerichs (then 92) of her right to have contact with family, friends, clergy, human rights advocates, or friendly visitors.   With the stroke of a pen, Judge Bean took away rights that most Americans take for granted. 

In 2018, Elinor resides at Lakeside Park, a locked dementia facility in Oakland.  Elinor’s conservator denies Elinor contact with the outside world.  Elinor’s estate pays Lakeside Park, conservator Scott Phipps, and a cadre of attorneys who sought the court order authorizing imprisonment and isolation.