Court Appointed Attorney Mark Flory, Part 1

Perjury in Mountain Lion Acquisitions vs Mark Flory

Judge Barry Plotkin:

Mr. Flory, I need to ask you, because I am seriously considering referring this matter to the State Bar, because I think you committed perjury in your testimony, and it's something I've said maybe only two or three times in the 25 years I've been on the bench, but I find it very disturbing. Are you practicing law at the moment?  I'm very troubled by this, and I am going to consider whether it should be referred to the State Bar.

I'll put in the Minute Order that the defense was a total sham and fraudulent and false, and that Mr. Flory's testimony was fraudulent and false. And the Court finds it offensive to see a member of the State Bar engage in such conduct.  (Emphasis added)